Thursday, September 02, 2010

back soon?

anyone who has followed this blog in years past knows that when i say i will be back soon that means either right away or in a month or so. well, this time it took a year. but man what a year it was! i am now back in my hometown of galena missouri, working as an indentured servant to my parents on the farm i grew up on before moving to montana 13 years ago. (yes, that means i live in my parents basement. and im 37years old. but im not gay((not that i think that is bad, because i dont)). at least, i dont think i am, but ive never kissed johnny depp, so maybe i am.)
the band i was in the last 5 years(Premonition) imploded, or exploded, depending on how you look at it, though some of them have carried on as a new band called Eclipse. i wish them the best of luck. turns out their first night playing in public was also my first night playing in public here, and as they say the show must go on. except now im playing lead guitar, which means im in need of a lot of prayer! back soon.....


At 9/13/2010 01:49:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, Hank. Miss the goods times we had playing in Premonition. What a ride! Eclipse is great but miss having you!


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