Saturday, June 09, 2012

if you are reading this...

you are either A: a subscriber from WAY back, B: you clicked the "next blog" button, or C: you found this from my facebook post. i would just like to say that i am still hank wood, just no longer the alcoholic, pain killer addict that i was when this blog was written. yes i know it encompasses multiple years. i was an alcoholic and addict for multiple years. i still am, technically, an alcoholic and addict, i just don't choose to live that way anymore. but i'm still the worst guitar player that ever got paid to play....

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Yes sir!

it's that time of year, y'all! yep. time i updated something around here. of course, finally getting internet access where i live might have helped a bit.

i know, my website is just a blank page. probably 'cause i didn't pay for hosting this year. or last year. (i am taking care of that by the way, i do sincerely apologise anthony)

so where have i been the last year? basicaly i have been hiding under a rock. but its a nice rock, right by a river with a great view and wonderful fishing.

and i still wear black socks.

back soon. as in before next year.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

back soon?

anyone who has followed this blog in years past knows that when i say i will be back soon that means either right away or in a month or so. well, this time it took a year. but man what a year it was! i am now back in my hometown of galena missouri, working as an indentured servant to my parents on the farm i grew up on before moving to montana 13 years ago. (yes, that means i live in my parents basement. and im 37years old. but im not gay((not that i think that is bad, because i dont)). at least, i dont think i am, but ive never kissed johnny depp, so maybe i am.)
the band i was in the last 5 years(Premonition) imploded, or exploded, depending on how you look at it, though some of them have carried on as a new band called Eclipse. i wish them the best of luck. turns out their first night playing in public was also my first night playing in public here, and as they say the show must go on. except now im playing lead guitar, which means im in need of a lot of prayer! back soon.....

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

i'm back!

thanks to everyone for their letters, calls and emails, it's amazing the amount of encouragement i have received. i would have posted sooner, but figured it best to wait until i had some sober time behind me. six months later i am still clean, i rejoined the band a couple weeks ago, and things are going well. unfortunately i did end up getting divorced, but still get to spend time with hunter. he's been helping me sandblast parts for the mustang, and helped me get out from underneath my fourwheeler last week when he and i were out riding by the old train tunnels in the mountains here and i rolled it sideways down a bank. just normal for me. anyways, again thank you to all, i even got letters in rehab from people i didn't even know, who asked the rest of the band members where i was. that was just amazing! back soon....

Sunday, February 08, 2009


I will be at the Rimrock Rehab facility until the 23rd of February.
Hope to talk to every one then.

Friday, October 17, 2008

The Band?

well, yes premonition was going to end, but now we are going to carry on for another year. alot went on the last few months, yes, no, maybe, to loosely quote phil collen from def leppard, life is full of difficult bastards, why not stick with the one's you know? or in my case, why not stick with the one's who put up with me being the worst guitarist that ever got paid to play?

i will get to more questions this weekend, and feel free to ask more, but to answer the question about leather pants? no, i have never worn them, but i have worn my wife's, which makes her very unhappy when i do.

but they fit so good!

Monday, July 14, 2008

15 From The Woodpile #3

the second week of june uncle bill flew up and added some new mandolin parts to the 15FTW album, as well as going through the songs with me on other production issues. it is sounding much more like an album now, just got to get my bass parts down right. we decided we liked how his mandolin recorded in the vocal booth, so for 2 days straight we chatted with each other through headphones. him seated in the corner of the claustrophobic 3' by 3' foam padded vocal booth, and me relaxing at my partially finished recording desk.

here are some pics form that week:

the vocal booth

smokey bear

uncle bill, and bmmw, whose ibanez guitar i borrowed for one of the songs

mandolins don't float so well with those "f" holes in the face............

i like my shirt in this one

uncle bill sitting in the corner

bmmw listening in to us recording, with unkie howards gibson overseeing things behind her.

and this would be daryl the photographer, trying to keep up with the blistering lead uncle bill is layin' down!